What's EuroMayDay?

A transnational demonstration of precarious and migrant people held the First of May in more than a dozen European cities. The first MayDay Parade was held in Milan in 2001 (it now gathers 100,000 people), and since 2004 the process has spread all over Europe (see the Middlesex Declaration). In 2006, the EuroMayDay was launched with pink actions in the EU Quarter of Brussels, and in 2007 a EuroMayDay superhero block joined the fray against the G8 in Rostock-Heiligendamm. IN 2008 there was a focal point for the whole network in Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle where Nicolas Sarkozy presented Angela Merkel with the EU Oscar, the Prix Charlemagne. EuroMayday is a process by which actions and demands are put forward to fight the widespread precarization of youth and the discrimination of migrants in Europe and beyond: no borders, no workfare, no precarity!

Who organizes EuroMayDay and what for?

The EuroMayDay network, a web of media activists, labor organizers, migrant collectives convening each year in a different European city.

What kind of people participate in EuroMayDay Parades?

Activists, artists, hackers, unionists, migrant associations, precarious2precarious networks, queer collectives, critical cyclists, leftist radicals of all stripes: red, black, green, pink, purple, silver.

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! no borders, no precarity, let's defeat the new inequality!